Frequently Asked Questions


How do you choose the hotels?

Hotels and resorts are chosen by location,safety, comfort, cleanliness and convience. We try to find centerally located 3 or 4 star rated hotels that are close to all the highlights of the city. The website and information for the hotel will be on the tours itinerary page.


How do I book?

Tours are complete and confirmed once we have recieved the booking form and your deposit or full payment has been made.In each tour itinerary listing click the "SIGN ME UP" button to go to the booking form .The booking form must be submitted for all payment options. In the booking form you will select your tour, method of payment, and all necessary information. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit/debit cards,money order, personal check and cashiers checks. HOW TO PAY: Paying By Phone: If you selct to pay by phone, a representative will contact you after the booking form is submitted to finish the payment process. Paying by Check, Money Order and Cashier's Check- Once the booking form is submitted you will receive a invoice by email with instructions on where to send payment.Booking is not confirmed until payment is received and cleared by the bank. You will have 14 days from submitting the form to get your payment in. Make all checks, money orders and cashiers checks payable to : Breezy Backpack Travel Send all payments to: Breezy Backpack Travel P.O. Box 822 Millington, Tn 38083

How much are the deposits?

Deposits are required for all active tours if you are not paying the total amount in full. Deposit prices: $100 - $300. Deposits are based per person.

Where can I find your Booking Conditions?

You can find our Booking Conditions here.

How late can you book a tour?

Tours are open for booking until they are full. Once a tour is full you can request to be placed on stand-by if another guest cancels.


What are the room options?

Available Room Options:

  • Double (assigned roommate)
  • Single Supplement (A room to yourself, additional room fees}
  • Pre-Night (Come a day early, additional room fees)

Can I book a pre-night room stay?

If you want to arrive the day before the tour a pre-night room option is available at additional costs. Many people choose this option in case of airline cancellations and delays. Pre-night room prices are based on a double and single room price.

Can I request my roommate?

Yes, if you are traveling with with someone you know there is an option in the booking form to request your roommate.Both guests will need to make the request in the form.


What's Included and Not Included in the tour?

Please check with the tours specific itinerary listing for all inclusions and exlusions. All tours will include and exclude the following: What's Included - Detailed Planned Itinerary - Accomadations - Meals as Listed - Transportation to Activities as listed - Activities as Listed - Airport Arrival and Departure Transfers - Veteran Tour Director on Tour - Tips for Local Guides and Waiters/Waitress' What's Not Included - Airfare and Luggage Fees - Passport-Visa-Vaccination Fees - Tour Director Tips - Meals Not Listed - Activities Not Listed - Personal Expenses - Transportation to Activities Not in the Itinerary - Fees Aquired Due To Cancellations or Delays - Alchohol Beverages (unless listed) - Room Service, Laundry Service, Mini Bar, and any additional fees aquired through the hotel.


Do I need the REAL ID to fly?

Beginning October 1, 2020 all travelers flying in the U.S. ages 18 and above will need a compatable Real I.D. drivers licence or I.D. to fly. Visit https// to find out more.

When should I book my flight?

Tours are guaranteed after 2-4 people have booked. We ask that you do not book your flight until you recive the "go ahead" email that the tour is guaranteed. It will be emailed out no later than 120 days prior to the tour start date. it is very rare that a tour is not booked with the minimun guests. If the tour is already guaranteed it will be stated below the "book Now" link in the tour listing.

Will there be airport transfers?

Shared or private airport tranfers will be provided on all tours on arrival and departure. Please, see the tours specific details for type of transportation provided for that tour.

How will I know which airport to choose?

In the tours "important information" section we will have the airports listed for that tour.


What if I am traveling solo?

Most of the guests on our tours are traveling solo. Solo traveling is nothing to fear, in fact it gives you the oppotunity to meet new friends and explore places you normally wouldnt due to being alone. In a group setting the intimidation of traveling alone is no longer there.


How do I make payments?

Payments can be made by:

  • Phone - Pay securely by phone (866) 925-1030
  • Mail - Send payments in by mail to:
Breezy Backpack Travel P.O. Box 822 Millington, Tn 38083. Make all checks/money orders payable to: Breezy Backpack Travel

When is the final payment due?

Final payments are due:

  • 90 days prior to the tour start date for Land tours
  • 120 days prior to tour start date for Ocean/River tours

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit/debit cards, money orders, cashiers checks and personal checks.


NEW Cancellations Policies

CANCELLATIONS BY YOU * DUE TO COVID-19 OUR CANCELLATION POLICIES HAVE CHANGED * To make your booking process safe and secure in these unprecedented times we have changed our policies to help you feel secure when booking a tour. We are keeping a close watch on the events and health issues around the world that may affect your safety during travel. Cancel for any reason up until 72 hours of the tours start date and get a full refund or you have the option to change to a different tour date. If you cancel after the 72 hour deadline the following cancellation penalties apply:​ New Cancellation Policy: Prior to Tour Start Date 3 Days/72 hours or Less - Deposit is retained and 50% of total paid to the tour is forfeited by guest.

  • Final payments for land tours are due 90 days and Ocean/River tours 120 days prior to tour start date
  • If you need to cancel your trip please contact us in writing at,
  • BB is not responsible for any fees aquired through trip cancellations. Airline penalties are the responsability of the traveler
  • Any third party supplier refunds are soley at the discretion of the supplier

Can Breezy Backpack cancel a tour?

Tours are guaranteed once we have 2-4 guests booked. The minimum amount of travelers is based on location and length of the tour. It is very rare that the minimum is not met. If the minimum is not met we may cancel the tour. If we need to cancel guests will be notified no later than 120 days prior to the tour start date. Guests will be given the option for a different tour date or full refund.Tours book fast - please don't wait until it is guaranteed to book your spot.

Cancelling or No Shows for Activies

No refunds are given for activity cancellations or no shows while on tour. Activites are pre-arranged and pre-paid. Guests are responsible for any changes they choose to make while on tour.


What are your activity levels?

Please note: It is the responsability of the guest to determine if the activity level for the tour is safe for them and their health. Individuals must be able to keep up with the group during the activities. If you are not certain if the activity level is right for you and need more information please contact us for more details on the tours activities before booking. All tours will require some walking. Activity levels are as follows: Moderate: Must be able to walk at least 2-4 miles per day. May include stair climbing, standing for long periods,walking on uneven pavement or streets, possible stepping onto and off mini coaches/buses/trains, walking in crowded areas Active: Must be able to walk at least 2-6 miles per day, standing for long periods,walking on uneven pavement or streets, possible stair climbing, stepping onto and off mini coaches/buses/trains and walking in crowded areas. May include outsoor activites suc as water sports,

Are there any age restrictions?

The minimum age requirement is 21 years of age. All guests must be age 21 on the tour start date. There are no maximum age limits for the tours.


What if I have food/meal restrictions?

We try very hard to find restaurants that accomadate guests food restrictions. when filling out your booking form please let us know of any food restrictions or preferences.


When will I know who my roommate will be?

You will recieve your roommate assignment 30 days prior to the tour start date via email.

Can I request my own roommate?

Yes, you can. If you are coming with someone that you know and want to share a room with them you can request a roommate in the booking form. Both guests will need to request each other when filling out the booking form.

Can I change my room while on the tour?

If while on tour you decide room sharing is not the best fit for you, you will need to check with the hotel to see what available room options they have. It is the guests responsability for any room/hotel changes they make once the tour has started. Guests are responsible for any additional charges for room changes. Please, be sure that shared rooming is right for you before booking a double occupancy room. Single supplement is available for those wanting a room to themselves. Additional fees apply.


When are the deadlines for the final payment?

Final payemnts are due: Land Tours- 90 Days prior to tour start date River/Ocean Tours- 120 Days prior to start of tour date


How much extra money should I bring?

The amount of money you spend is completley up to you. We recommend that you set aside a daily spending allowance for things like shopping, meals not listed,snacks & drinks, personal expenses, activites not listed ect. The meals listed will be in the itinerary listing in the daily schedule. We reccomend that you notify your bank to let them know you wil be out of town, this will keep them from placing a freeze on your account.


Do I need a passport or Visa?

You will need a passport whenever you are traveling outside or into the United States. Passports are not needed for U.S, domestic flights. Visit for imformation on passports and visas. If a passport is required for your tour it must be valid for at least 6 months prior to tour start date and have at least 3 blank pages available. Please make sure you have the proper documentation needed to travel. Breezy Backpack is not responsible for denial of airline boarding or entrance into a country due to improper documentation.

What is the Real ID?

Beginning October 1. 2020 everyone 18 years old or older will need a Real-Id compliant drivers licence or I.D. to fly within the United States. Visit for more information.


What documents are needed for the tour?

The following information is needed before traveling on a tour. If you are unable to provide the documents by the deadline date please contact our office and let us know. All documents must be turn in by 30 days prior to tour start date. Booking Form: You will need to submit the booking form on the booking page of the tour. No matter what your payment method is we will still need the form before booking is complete. Passport and Visa Information: We will need your Passport and Visa information later than 30 days prior to departure if it is required. Airline Info 30 days prior to tour date- Airline Carrier, Flight Number, Flight Schedule and Gate Number Travel Insurance: If you purchase travel insurance, please provide your policy information no later than 30 days prior to depature of the tour.

How do I submit my documents?

You can submit your documents by physical mail or email By Email: Email your information to The Subject line: MY TOUR DOCUMENTS. BY Physical Mail: Mail documents to: Breezy Backpack Travel P. O. Box 822 Millingtin TN 38083


What does the tour director do?

Your tour director is there to guide and assist you while on tour. They make sure the itinerary runs as smoothly as possible and help with any needs you may have. Our tour directors are ready to assist and love to travel and see the world.

Should I tip my tour director?

Tipping the tour director is totally up to you.The recommended tip range is $5 - $8 a day. If you feel like your tour director done a good job and met your expectaions then it's a great way to show your appreciation.

When do I meet the tour director?

Your director will be at the hotel ready to meet you on the first day of the tour. The tour director will have a meet-up on the first day and discuss the tour details with you. Later that afternoon there will be a dinner for all guests to get to know each other a bit. You will recieve a "final tour information" email 30 days prior to the tour start date with your tour directors name,phone number and email. The final details on meeting your director will be in the email.

Will my tour director assist with my luggage?

All guests are responsible for carrying their own luggage/bags. Please only bring what you are capable of handling by yourself when bringing luggage.The tour director does not assist guests with luggage or bags.


What happens during free time?

In your "30 day final information" email there will be a list of things for you to look over for your free time activities. If you are still undecided your tour director will have many options for you to choose from. Whether you choose to go it alone, pair up with other guests or just relax at the hotel, free time is yours to decide. If you are doing things on your free time that will require tickets or registering prior to going on the tour it is recommended you do it as early as possible.


Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for the tours but it is highly recommended. Insurance can help you to protect your trip investment in case of cancellations, delays, emergency medical evacuation ect. Travel Guard travel insurance offers affordable protection for your trip and is a top rated travel insurance company. Travel Guard is only a suggesstion and there are many companies to choose from. We recommend guests include trip interuption, cancel for any reason, cancellation and emergency medical in thier insurance package.


What are Breezy Bucks?

Breezy Bucks are rewards earned by traveling with us. You start earning the moment you book your first tour. Breezy bucks can be used for future tours. Your first tour earns you $100 in Breezy Bucks.

What can I use Breezy Bucks for?

Breezy Bucks can be used for future tours. They can be placed toward the total amount of the tour or used for deposit. Breezy bucks have no cash value and cannot be cashed out.

When can I redeem my Breezy Bucks?

Breezy Bucks can be used once you have paid in full and attended at least one tour. You can redeem them either after taking your tour or while on the tour. Your tour director can assist you in redeeming your Breezy Bucks.


How can I contact your office?

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us Phone:(866) 925-1030 Email:


Our response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

The safety of our guests and tour directors has and always will be our top priority. We are keeping a close watch on the events happening around our world. We have changed our cancellation polices and our groups are now smaller. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 866-925-1030 or email us at Our new policies:

  • Smaller groups of no more than 14 guests on all tours
  • You can now cancel up to 72 hours of the tours start date and get a full refund or you have the option to change to a different tour date
  • We will continue to monitor and keep our guests informed on any changes as always and you can book with confidence knowing that you are our number one priority
  • If we need to cancel you can also choose to change your tour date or choose a different tour
WHILE ON TOUR We are working hard to make sure our guests and directors are safe while on tour. We want to ensure every guest has a healthy and safe trip, to do so we have made the following changes while on tour:
  • Smaller groups of no more than 14 guests
  • Social distancing practiced during the tour (including activities, meals and on motor coaches)
  • Our tour directors are trained to handle emergency situations and have policies in effect for any guests or staff that may get sick during the tour
  • Routine wellness checks of staff and guests
  • Reusable face masks provided for all guests and staff
  • Hand sanitizer provided for all guests and staff
  • We are working with our partners to ensure healthy policies and procedures are in place, such as social distancing and cleaning policies


Discount, Deals and Special offer disclosures

When redeeming discounts,Breezy Bucks, special offers and deals the following restrictions apply:

  • BREEZY BUCKS - Breezy Bucks are accumulated by traveling on a tour with us. They cannot be used until you have taken at least one tour with us. Breezy Bucks have no cash value and can only be used towards future tours, guests receive $100 off the next tour they book. Breezy Bucks can be used along with all other promotions. For example if the tour is 15% off, you will receive an additional $100 off the tour.
  • NEW SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNT - New subscribers receive $100 off first tour booked.
  • SPECIAL OFFERS - Sales and special offers are ran periodically and can be used along with the new subscriber discount.
  • HEROES DISCOUNT - To say Thank You for all that you do, we recognize the brave men and women all around the world who we call heroes. First Responders,EMT, Paramedics, Nurses, Police and Active/Retired Military receive 15% of any tour, guest will need to provide proof of license or I.D. to redeem the discount. The Heroes Discount can be used along with another special offer or promotion. For example if the tour is 15% off, you will receive an additional 15% off of the tour.
  • One you have submitted the booking form, you will receive an invoice with the discounted price by email.

New Subscribers Get $100 Off All Tours!


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