10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Memphis!

Updated: Mar 4

Memphis Tennessee rests along side the Mighty Mississippi river. It's the birthplace of Rock n Roll, where Elvis Presley called his home, where Martin Luther King marched the streets to fight for the rights of everyone and where many artists began their music careers. Memphis is rich in history and culture. Below are just a few of the fantastic reasons you should visit Memphis Tennessee.

1.The Music

It's one of the obvious reasons, Memphis is known for its rich music history from Blues to Jazz, there is no denying some of the greatest musical artists got their start here.Elvis Presley,BB King,Justin Timberlake,Johnny Cash,Isaac Hayes, W.C. Handy, Lewis Armstrong just to name a few. Today,the music is still very much alive in Memphis. Beale Street fills the air everyday with blues legends and newcomers.You won't have to look far from Beale Street if you want to hear some musical talents, check out BB Kings Blues Club (the food is amazing),The Rum Boogie Cafe and Silky Sullivan's.

Make sure to check out the iconic Sun Studio while in Memphis. This is where our music legacy began.It is known as "The Birthplace of Rock n Roll". Artists like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis recorded here. It was the cornerstone of music in the 50's and today you can still book recording time and record your music in the same spot Elvis did.They offer a nice little tour and it's definitely worth checking out.

Don't forget to tour the home of the King of Rock n Roll while your visiting. Elvis' Graceland is definitely a must do while in town. The house is still in tacked and the way it was before the legendary singer died. You can also see the famous "Lisa Marie" airplane.

2.The Lorraine Motel

The Lorraine Motel and National Civil Rights Museum is a part of history that Memphis and the world will never forget.It's the place where Martin Luther King lost his life and changed history forever. It is now the National Civil Rights Museum. The museum offers a tour with over 200 artifacts, films and media. Go back in time and learn about the Civil Rights Movement and the history behind it.It's within walking distance of Beale Street and something everyone should experience while visiting Memphis.

3.Beale Street.

A Memphis trip would not be complete without visiting the legendary Beale Street. Since 1841 Beale Street has continued to grow and is one of the most famous streets in The South. Robert Church was one of Memphis' first black wealthy businessmen and he made his millions by buying and renovating the now iconic street. The street was named after a war veteran and hero.

The famous street is known for its music, drinking and tasty food. Today, there are many restaurants, bars and shops and it's centrally located downtown. It's the most visited neighborhood in Memphis and a must see for anyone exploring the city for the first time.

4.The Food

Awe the food. If there is one thing we know how to do here in the south - its cook and eat (of course). Memphis is known for its delicious slow cooked BBQ and good ole southern delicacies.Never had turnip greens? Now's the time to try it. There won't be a menu around town that doesn't have a tall glass of sweet tea on it. There is no way I can give the entire list of good places to eat in Memphis but here are a few favorites worth checking out in the downtown area: Blues City Cafe, The Rendezvous, Central Barbecue,The Majestic Grille and BB Kings.

5.The Mississippi River

There is nothing more tranquilling than sitting by the bank of The Mississippi River and watching the sunset. It's known as "The Mighty Mississippi" and mighty it is. It runs from south from the Delta in to the Gulf of Mexico for 2340 miles.It has been the pathway for the commercial water industry and one of the busiest waterways in the world. Barges run down the river continuously.It is the longest river of North America and Memphis is lucky to have it right at its front door. It will definitely be one of the many great memories you will have after visiting the city.

6.The Parks

Memphis has the most beautiful parks, ponds and rivers for a relaxing day.The parks are a must see for any nature lover. Here are a list of my favorite parks to visit.

Tom Lee Park- named after Tom Lee, an African American riverworker. Its nestled along the river with a stunning view of the Memphis-Arkansas bridge (beautifully lite up at night).It's a great area for picnics, playing frisbee, flying kites or just relaxing by the water. It also is the perfect spot for picture taking.

Overton Park- A 342-acre public park with it's own amphitheatre. Concerts and events are always going during the summertime. It is the location of The Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis College of Art and The Memphis Zoo. Its one of the most visited parks and considered by some to be the center of the city.It's a great way for the art lover to spend the day relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Memphis Botanic Garden- Its 96 acres includes a butterfly garden, herb garden and botanical herb garden. If you love nature, plants and beautiful flowers this is the place to visit.

Mississippi Greenbelt Park- This incredible 105 acre park is located along the riverbank of the Mississippi. It has trails that are great for nature walking,a nice run and makes for the perfect picnic spot. If your looking to enjoy the view of the river and have a relaxing day, this is the park for you.

7.The Pink Palace Museum

This is a great place for the whole family to visit. The Pink Palace has many historic exhibits and events.The kiddos will have plenty to do like scavenger hunts, lab explorations, and discovery explorations. It's a fun and educational journey for children of all ages.

8.The Orpheum

The Orpheum Memphis is in the downtown area just steps from Beale Street. The beautiful historic building offers Broadway Shows, Theatre Projects and Sport events. It was born in 1890 and is considered one of the most historic buildings in Memphis. The inside was last renovated in 2015 and is something to marvel. If your in Memphis get your tickets and make sure to check out this iconic landmark.

9.The "Bass Pro" Pyramid

I know what some of you are thinking...Bass Pro Shop? It was originally called "The Memphis Pyramid" and was a amphitheatre for concerts and events. It's not your average sports store, I promise. The inside houses a beautiful country style hotel, running water pond with fish, elevator ride to the top of the pyramid, restaurants and shops. It's a must see just for the building itself.In the shape of a pyramid, it towers over downtown on the riverbank and can bee seen all the way from the bridge.

10.Midtown Memphis

The Midtown area includes Overton Park and surrounding area.Its hip, full of culture and art.One interesting spot is the Cooper Young Entertainment district with its shops, restaurants and boutiques.In September Cooper Young hosts a great festival with vendors throughout the street and music artists. Exploring the Midtown area should most certain be on your to do list when visiting.Here are some great attractions in Midtown: Overton Park, Memphis Children's Museum, Memphis Zoo, Playhouse on the Square,The Planetarium and Hattiloo Theatre.

Thanks for scrolling and checking out this blog post. I hope I was able to provide some useful info. There are so many more reasons to visit Memphis,check it out and put it on that bucket list.

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