Travel Protection

Travel insurance is not mandatory to travel with us but it is strongly recommended.If for any reason you have to cancel your trip, travel insurance can protect your trip investment. It can cover any pre-departure cancellations from the date of policy purchased,therefore, if you must cancel you would be covered.

It is recommended that all members traveling with you also be insured. Individuals must have their own policies to be covered with travel insurance.

Coverage should include medical expenses and repatriation, trip cancellation, cancel for any reason, personal belongings, loss of luggage, delays for arrivals and departures, personal liability,and overseas legal expenses.

We do not provide any specific advice on travel insurance, any questions or concerns will need to be directed to the travel insurance company.

Travel Guard is a trusted company and offers individuals options on all their travel insurance needs at a affordable price.You can check them out at or call them at1.877.475.7941.Travel Guard is merely a suggestion and you are free to choose any travel insurance company you like.

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